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In 1969 our first British school was founded in Madrid. Since then we have provided children with a rigorous and broad British education. Pupils from our British schools in Madrid go on to study at the best British universities as well as those in Spain, Europe and North America. Many of our students win places at many excellent universities including: Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, London School of Economics, Manchester and St Andrews.

Our educational programme at King’s College is based on the English National Curriculum and offers an excellent British education to children from Pre-Nursery to University Entrance. At King’s College, our focus is on developing attentive and knowledgeable young people, and we know from experience that a successful school depends on recruiting teachers with the skills and experience to turn the curriculum into dynamic lessons that will ignite your child’s imagination. This is how we strive to deliver real knowledge and understanding to your child and develop the core skills that will serve them well in the future.

All of our British schools have a reputation for high academic standards. During the academic year 2013-2014, pupils at King’s College, Madrid in Tres Cantos, received 81% of offers from UK universities ranked in the top 50, 35 offers were from universities ranked in the top 20 and 8 from universities ranked in the top 10. Winning a place at a top university depends on getting good A level results. King’s College’s examination pass rates are excellent. In 2013-2014 our A level pass rate was 100% and most of these pupils were awarded an A or a B grade.  In the IGCSEs, 100% passed with three quarters of the pupils achieving an A or B grade.