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Schule Schloss Salem was founded by Max v. Baden and Kurt Hahn in 1920. During the course of the years Salem has developed to become the largest and also the most well-known  international German grammar and boarding school and has introduced a great many educational innovations; however, today, in boarding and in school life, Salem is still focussed on fulfilling its claim: character building.

The educational concept of Schule Schloss Salem is of a holistic kind and is based on "learning by experience" and "experiential education". Subsequently, not only the cognitive, intellectual skills of the students at Salem are promoted; the teachers also constantly ensure that challenges are created where social issues, creative activity in the arts and sport are concerned.

The pupils at the Middle School live on so-called Wings with 15 to 22 boarders (maximum), located in different parts of the Salem Castle building. Depending on their size, the rooms accommodate two to four boarders. Boarding-school life at Middle School demands participation in a variety of joint activities, membership in the Services which serve the community and assuming responsibility by holding so-called offices. The Student Council which is already practiced to a certain extent at Hohenfels, now takes on institutional forms: The Council, the Services Conference and the Wing and Helpers' Meetings are all forums where questions and problems are discussed and solved together with adults.  

The Salem Summer Schools incorporate three programmes for students aged between 9 and 16, offering an opportunity to experience our boarding school life on our three different sites. A two-week programme focuses on broadening the participant's cultural and academic horizon through a demanding, fun and exciting combination of lessons, sports and cultural and artistic activities.

According to our founder Kurt Hahn's motto ”Plus est en vous" we teach and encourage our students with a broad approach. This encourages them to learn to take initiative and to act responsibly.

We offer the following programmes for the following age groups:

  • Salem Summer Camp (9-12 years)

  • Salem Summer School (12-14 years)

  • Salem International Summer School (14-16 years)