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Stover School is a unique and very special place; a school which delivers cutting-edge education while retaining a healthy focus on traditional Christian morals, values and manners. Happy children are at the very centre of our ethos, reflecting our robust system of pastoral care. Children who feel safe, valued and respected, and who trust those around them, are free to focus on learning to their maximum potential. Our stunning rural setting allows children to enjoy being children and is integral to enhancing this ethos.

The co-educational, non-selective environment we provide models ‘real life’, allowing pupils to build the interpersonal skills, empathy, independence and fortitude required to be successful in the wider world.

In this school, the family atmosphere ensures that every child is known and understood by the staff and their fellow pupils, as an individual who has something to offer the school community and the world at large. This individual approach is reflected in our absolute focus on adding value to the academic potential of each pupil in an effort to maximise their individual educational and examination outcomes, regardless of their ability.