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Royal Russell is an inclusive school which provides a high quality academic education for our girls and boys. We seek to develop the best of our pupils, staff and families within a vibrant community; one which cares and shows mutual respect for all and celebrates the success of each individual as part of the whole.

The School's motto 'non sibi sed omnibus' (Not for oneself but for all) is at the heart of our ethos.

All members of the School community are encouraged to give of their best and to share their talents with, and for, others. The School motto, non sibi sed omnibus, fosters the true meaning of identity and self and challenges us to acknowledge our responsibilities and duties to the communities to which we belong; locally, nationally and internationally.

Royal Russell offers a full range of GCSE and A level courses in preparation for university entrance. Extra English language tuition is available as required, at no additional charge. The curriculum is enriched by a wide range of well-attended extension activities that build pupils’ confidence and experience. Our pupils achieve excellent examination results and, through the expert guidance of our specialist staff, Royal Russell has great success in placing students at the best London and UK universities.