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Our international community helps our students realise their goal of achieving a place at one of the UK's leading universities, and the chance to pursue their career of choice. Our students enjoy the rich academic experience, and also the unique cultural and social opportunity on offer at CATS - one of London's leading international colleges.

As well as traditional qualifications, CATS London offer a range of fast-track courses which can be completed as part of a shorter study plan.

CATS campus gives students the best environment for living in London - our boarding facilties, extra-curricular activites and support teams help students settle in and enjoy their new home. 

We support students as they explore their interest in top university destinations and top careers such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Finance, Accountancy, Banking, Architecture. We offer Oxbridge, Medics, Law and Key Professions Preparation Programmes to give our students the right preparation for the demanding university application process.