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At Alexanders College, we are a community of teachers and learners, drawn from all over the world to this rare and historic location. To this region, for a thousand years and more, people have voyaged. Today, our faculty and support staff have created a calm and dedicated place for learning; an environment where our students can thrive.

We are an exclusive boarding school for boys and girls of between eleven and eighteen years. Traditionally, we have provided a pathway for children from all over the world to the wealth of opportunity that is English education.

At Alexanders College, we are very proud of our record with the students who have passed through these halls. It is our belief that any school provides just a small step in what will become a lifetime of learning. The greatest feedback we can receive is from our alumni, as they reflect upon their time with us.

We believe that learning English is best achieved in an active academic environment. This is why our summer programme makes the best of our experience and location, offering expert English Language tuition alongside traditional outdoor pursuits such as sailing, horse riding and tennis.