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Is it possible to teach fashion? That was the question that Giulio Marangoni, famous for his clothes, which were already being worn by the Italian aristocracy, asked himself in 1935. To answer this question, he founded the Istituto Artistico dell’Abbigliamento Marangoni, or the Marangoni Artistic Clothing Institute in Milan. It was a school to train professionals and technicians specializing in the field of fashion.

Istituto Marangoni has never stopped believing in the value of training, constantly updating its programmes to ensure they are in line with Italian and international market needs. In the past few years, Istituto Marangoni has opened four new schools: London in 2003, Paris in 2006, Shanghai in 2013, and Milano Design in 2014. Istituto Marangoni now announces the opening of the new School of Fashion, Art & Design in Florence, scheduled for October 2016.

The teaching spaces of Istituto Marangoni have tested the talents of four generations of professionals, hailing from 106 different countries and representing the heritage of our school. Today Istituto Marangoni continues to successfully ‘teach fashion’, as its founder wished. It also teaches design, which has many contact points and overlaps with the world of fashion: colour, materials and creativity. 

With a wide range of course possibilities, preparatory, three-year undergraduate and master’s courses, Istituto Marangoni has always maintained the goal of training the professionals of tomorrow in key sectors, such as design, communication and managerial coordination.



Preparatory Course 

This is a course that will expand one’s critical independence on the basis of previously acquired
experiences and skills. The course also provides English language study. Upon successful
completion of the course, students will have achieved the necessary level to apply for
one of the BA (Hons) Degree programmes at Istituto Marangoni.

One Year Courses

These programmes have been specifically designed to meet the needs of those who have
limited time and no prior experience. They allow students to acquire a thorough knowledge of
all the technical concepts related to fashion, design, art or business practice. Those students
who already have a university degree and specific requirements, on completion will be able to
access the postgraduate programmes offered at Istituto Marangoni.

BA (Hons) Degrees • Three-Year Courses

These programmes are designed for students who want to enter the fashion, design and art
fields, but have no prior experience in those areas. These programmes provide a complete
education and allow students to acquire all of the necessary knowledge to carry out a profession
to the highest standard. The chosen course can be attended in full in a single school or
split between those existing in Milano, Paris, London and Firenze.

BA (Hons) Degrees (Sandwich)

This four-year validated course includes a 36-week placement. The first two years of learning
take place in the school and are then followed by a third year placement spent working in
the fashion industry. At the end of the placement students return to school to complete the
fourth and final year of the BA (Hons) Degree (sandwich).


Preparatory Courses

The Portfolio Surgery and the Management Surgery courses are 4-week programmes. They
have been devised to support those students who have been accepted onto the master’s
courses in fashion and business with the qualification requirements, but have the opportunity
to improve the quality of work in preparation for the beginning of the chosen course.
The pre-sessional course is a 12-week course and it offers a specifically tailored study preparation
for the entire suite of Master’s programmes at Istituto Marangoni. The preparation is
for candidates with either design, business, management or other backgrounds who want to
progress with their studies to a master’s level.

Semester Courses

These courses offer specialist activities for students who are looking for study abroad opportunities,
or for those professionals who have the desire to up-skill or take a career break to
study business practice in relation to the world of fashion. The courses require that students
have a strong interest for the sector, with the intention of applying the knowledge they gain to
specific professional activities when they have successfully completed the curriculum.

Master’s Degrees  • Master's Courses • Cycles De Spécialisation 

These programmes are designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in the
appropriate area at undergraduate level. The master’s courses, covering areas in fashion,
design, fine arts, business and management, are also open to industry professionals who wish
to deepen their knowledge of a specific subject area. They are highly specialised programmes
that open the doors to a successful career in one of the world’s capitals of fashion, luxury and

*For detailed list of study programs please refer to Instituto Marangoni web page or contact EAC office.