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Founded in 1871, EM Normandie has stuck to its core offering ever since: general in essence, open to the world, rooted in a historically rich environment / region, and offering relevant training in the field. Refounded in 2006, it has moved into the 21st century world while maintaining its core elements.

The school's knowledge output is related to its specific areas of study: SMEs & Entrepreneurship, Port & Maritime Logistics, Economic Intelligence, Territory Development and Cross-cultural Management. As regards research, the school encourages the production and circulation of scientific knowledge aimed at enriching and updating teaching input on a continuous basis, with a focus on the managerial implications for decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

The Ecole de Management de Normandie Master’s program aims at training future managers open to the global environment, who will take up responsibility and be able to adapt to tomorrow’s changing worlds. The teaching is based on a three-pronged approach: Professionalisation, Internationalisation and Personal Development. When joining this School, you will become a member of the Réseau EM Normandie’s network of 13,000 members, who will stand by you right from your admission and throughout your career.


Bachelor Degrees:

  • Bachelor in International Business

  • Specialization in International logistics

  • Specialization in International Business

  • Specialization in Car industry

Master Degrees:

  • Audit and Corporate Finance

  • Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Company Finance

  • International Business

  • International Events Management

  • International Logistics and Crisis Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Development, Innovation and Territorial Marketing

  • Management of Information Systems

  • Marketing, Communication and Management of Food Products,Marketing and Commercial Strategy

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Internet Web Strategy & Management

  • Digital Management

  • Business Development with Grenoble EM

  • Innovation, strategy & entrepreneurship with EM Grenoble

  • Wine Management with ESC Dijon

  • Management of cultural and creative industries with ESC Dijon