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Burgundy School of Business is a leading teaching and research school belonging to the network of top French academic institutions in management. With our deep commitment to the values of responsibility, openness and creativity, we place entrepreneurial management firmly at the centre of our teaching and research mission: to train managers ready to act as entrepreneurs in both business and society at large.

On the strength of its illustrious history, its values and its organisation, and thanks to the support of companies and institutional authorities of the Burgundy region, Burgundy School of Business has set itself among the top French management schools, with a strong international dimension and a major academic force in entrepreneurial management.


Bachelor Degrees:

  • Bachelor in Marketing & Business 

Master Degrees:

Taught in French :

  • Audit – Expertise – Consulting 

  • Banking and Wealth Management

  • Culture and Creative Industries

  • Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Size Business Management

  • Corporate Finance

  • Marketing Sales Communication

  • Marketing Distribution Purchasing

  • Marketing Product Surveys

  • Human Resources

  • Master’s Degree in Management of Cultural Organisations and Creative Industry

  • MS Commerce International des Vins et Spiritueux

  • MS Management des Entreprises Culturelles et Industries Créatives

Taught in English:

  • Global Marketing

  • International Business

  • International Finance 

  • MSc in Advanced Corporate Finance

  • MSc Arts & Cultural Management

  • MSc in Global Marketing & Negotiation

  • MSc in International Business Development

  • MSc in Wine Management 

  • MSc in Wine Business