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From a school that was founded in 1991 as the first private higher education college in Central Europe, International Business School has grown into a truly modern and dynamic business school.

It is an attractive place to learn and teach because of our collaborative culture – a blend of academic rigor, cooperative teamwork, entrepreneurship, diversity and continuous innovation. The academic experience we offer is providing our students from over 60 countries of the world not only with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, but skills and networking opportunities that bring lifelong competitive advantages.

Bachelor Programs:

BSc in Financial Management
BSc in Business and Diplomacy
BSc in Management
BSc in Management with Arts
BSc in Management with Tourism
BSc in Management with Psychology
BSc in Management with Marketing
BA in Applied Economics

Master Programs:

MSc in Financial Management
MSc in Human Resource Management
MSc in International Management
MSc in Marketing Management

Our vision is to be a regionally acknowledged, multiply accredited, multi-country provider of higher education services for a highly international and mobile student body, interested in the frontier areas of business and management.

Our mission is to provide economically and culturally relevant, English-language business and management-related education to people who can benefit from it. We are demand-led and customer-focused. We enhance learning, build confidence and create opportunity for all who choose to invest in studying at our school.