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CESINE University Centre has over 20 years of experience preparing leaders for the fields of business management, communication, industrial design andtechnology. By focusing its expertise towards producing undergraduate and postgraduate education of the very highest quality, Cesine has enabled every one of its students to face their professional future with confidence and security.

Continuous improvement of student learning is the principal objective and CESINE methodologically incorporates the means and study programs to ensure this. Its students form strong links with executives, teachers, consultants and recruiters, which provides them with critical perspective and the capacity toanticipate future trends which is so necessary in changing global markets.

CESINE’s presence among the top positions in international rankings reflects its commitment to excellence and above all its ability to adapt to changes in times of crisis and help individuals and organisations achieve their objectives. So much so, that our university has reached the 3rd highest ranking of the fortySpanish universities assessed in the I2N ranking, which measures students' academic level and the degree of internationalisation of institutions. This rankingwas prepared in January 2013 by the prestigious organizations: PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Education First.

Bachelor Degrees:

Bachelor Honours Degree in Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations    
Bachelor Honours Degree in Journalism    
Bachelor Honours Degree in International Business Management    
Bachelor in Graphic Design    
Bachelor Fashion Design    
Bachelor Interior Design

Postgraduate Degrees:

Executive MBA    
Executive MBA in Communications and Digital Marketing    
Executive MBA in Marketing and Business Management    
Executive MBA in Tax and Accounting Consultancy    
Executive MBA in Sports and Golf Management