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Webster University is an American University with a global perspective. The university was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1915. Since then, Webster has grown to become an international university with more than 100 campuses in 8 countries on 3 continents.  Webster operates as an independent, non-denominational university with multiple branch locations. In 2014, Webster enrolled about 22,000 students, representing all 50 U.S. states and 140 other countries. The university has an alumni network of around 170,000 graduates worldwide.

The Webster University in Leiden is one of the four international campuses located in Europe. It was established in 1983, with over 1600 students that have graduated. Therefore, it is the only institute of higher education in Netherlands offering American accredited degrees. Webster Leiden campus offers undergraduate studies in Psychology, Management, Business Administration and International Relations. The postgraduate majors are offered in Cyber security, Business Administration, International Relations, Psychology. Its alumni work for many of the most prestigious and interesting companies and organizations in the Netherlands and worldwide.


Study Programs:

Undergraduate studies:

  • Psychology
  • Management
  • Management with emphasis in International Business
  • Management with emphasis in Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Media Communications
  • International Relations

Postgraduate studies:

  • Cyber security (MS)
  • Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology (MA)
  • International Relations (MA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • 1-Year Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Management and Leadership (MA)
  • New Media Production (MA)