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The 3A School prepares its students to communicate in an international and multi-cultural environment, to undertake and negotiate in all countries while fully understanding and respecting the economic and social environment as well as the local culture. More than expertise, more than techniques, the school defends, above all, strong values in terms of ethics, justice, equality, openmindedness to the world and respect for our Earth’s legacy.

These values are at the center of all courses along with management sciences: geopolitics, languages, sustainable development, social and solidarity-based economy, anthropology, social responsibility are the guiding principles at 3A school. The school encourages and develops students’ entrepreneurial spirit with a responsible and transversal approach to entrepreneurship.

By way of varied experience, simulations and projects, the 3A School highlights the need to give meaning to action through an ethical approach and core values.

Teaching language: French


Undergraduate Degrees:

  • Bachelor in International Operations Management
    Option 1: International Business
    Option 2: Sustainable Development
    Option 3: Humanitarism


Postgraduate Degrees:

  • MSc. International Project Management
    Option 1: Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
    Option 2: International Relations and Humanitarian
    Option 3: Development of Emerging Nations