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LILA* was established in Liverpool in 2004 as an independent English language academy. Founded by two sisters, Leanne Linacre and Victoria Lee. Leanne and Victoria started their careers teaching overseas, upon their return to the UK they felt that there was a need for more quality language schools in the north of England and Liverpool was the perfect choice.   

LILA* offers a wide range of English courses suited to different student levels, ages, and needs. We offer courses and accommodation for students aged 12-17 years as part of our Junior Programmes and General, Business, and Exam Preparation courses to adults and young adults (16 years+). Whatever your reasons for learning English, the LILA* team are here to support and guide you every step of the way.


General English Courses

  • General English

  • General English Plus

  • Plus 6

  • Live in Language

Exam Preparation Courses

  • IELTS Exam Preparation (Part time)

  • General English + IELTS Exam Preparation

  • Cambridge FCE + CAE Exam Preparation

  • Cambridge FCE/CAE + Plus Six

 LILA* Junior Programmes

  • LILA* Teens City Programme

  • LILA* Teens English + Football

  • LILA* Junior Digital Academy

Evening & One to One Classes

  • Evening Classes

  • One to One Classes

University Preparation

  • University Preparation Course

  • General English + University Preparation 

Career Development Courses 

  • Digital Skills Bootcamp

  • Book-keeping

Business English Courses

  • Business English

  • General and Business English

LILA* Groups & Bespoke Packages

  • LILA* Groups

  • Out of Season Mini Stays 

Teacher Training Courses

  • Cambridge CELTA

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)