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Yaşar University was founded by the Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation in 2001, with the first students enrolled in 2002. The university has steadily grown over the years, moving in 2008 to the purpose-built Selçuk Yaşar Campus, with its latest technology and infrastructure. While the university positions itself as an 'international university with local engagement,' it looks to foster an awareness of entrepreneurship and global citizenship within the student body.

The Yaşar University Family is an educational institution in which different languages, cultures, nations and individuals’ dreams come true in the light of science and in unity by aiming at success.


Undergraduate Programmes

Faculty of Communication

  • BA in Visual Communication Design

  • BA in Public Relations and Advertising

  • BA in Radio, Television and Cinema

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • BA in Business Administration

  • BA in Economics

  • BA in International Logistic Management

  • BA in International Trade Finance

  • BAin Tourism Guidance

  • BA in International Relations

Faculty of Architecture

  • BArch in Architecture

  • BArch in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Faculty of Science and Letters

  • BA in English Language and Literature

  • BA in Psychology

  • BA in Translation and Interpretation

Faculty of Engineering

  • BSc in Computer Engineering

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering

  • BSc in Software Engineering

  • BSc in Electronical and Electronics Engineering

  • BSc in Energy Systems Engineering

Faculty of Art and Science

  • BA in Film Design

  • BA in Graphic Design

  • BA in Animation

  • BA in Industrial Design

  • BA in Music

Faculty of Law

  • LLB in Law

Graduate Programmes

Graduate School of Social Sciences

  • MBA: Master in Business Administration

  • MA in International Relations

  • MA in Economics 

  • MA in International Trade andFinance

  • MA in English Language and Literature

  • MA in Tourism Management

  • MS in Psychology

  • MA in Communication

  • MA in Art and Design

  • MA in Graphic Design

  • LLM in Public Law

  • LLM in Private Law

  • LLM in Energy Law 

  • Proficiency in Art and Design

  • PhD in Business Administration

  • PhD in Finance

  • PhD in Communication

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • MArch in Architecture

  • MArch in Interior Architecture

  • MSc in Computer Engineering

  • MSc in Business Engineering

  • MSc in Actuarial Science 

  • MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • MSc in Industrial Engineering

  • PhD in Computer Engineering

  • PhD in Mathematics

  • PhD in Industrial Engineering