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Fontys provides education and research. As a broad-based university, we are the largest public knowledge institute in the southern Netherlands. Fontys wants to be an innovation engine by linking its education and research to innovation processes within and outside the regions. Fontys has a large impact due to its education and research in almost all sectors of society.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Academy for Circus & Performance Art (Tilburg)
  • Business Informatics (Venlo)
  • Conservatory (Tilburg)
  • Dance Academy (Tilburg)
  • Digital Business Concepts (Tilburg)
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Eindhoven)
  • Industrial Engineering & Management (Eindhoven)
  • ICT & Business (Eindhoven)
  • ICT & Software Engineering (Eindhoven)
  • ICT & Technology (Eindhoven)
  • International Business and Management Studies (Eindhoven/Venlo)
  • International Business Economics (Venlo)
  • International Lifestyle Studies (Tilburg)
  • International Fresh Business Management (Venlo)
  • International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies (Tilburg)
  • International Marketing (Venlo)
  • Logistics Management (Venlo)
  • Maschinenbau (Venlo)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Eindhoven)
  • Mechatronics (Venlo)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (Eindhoven)
  • Physiotherapy (Eindhoven)

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Architecture (Tilburg)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (part-time) (Venlo)
  • Master of Choreography (Tilburg)
  • Master of Science in Business & Management (Venlo)
  • MSc in International Logistics / Procurement / SCM (Venlo)
  • Master of Music (Tilburg)
  • Master of Urbanism (Tilburg)
  • Master Care and Technology