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Your future starts here. More than 10,000 international students have graduated from Nankai University’s world-renowned degree programmes. You're just one step away from joining them, and we’re here to help get you there.

Join this prestigious university that consistently ranks in the top 10 in China and benefit from an international study experience in an English-speaking setting. You’ll make new friends, experience a new culture and the learning won’t stop once you leave the classroom. You’ll graduate with a degree, a new language, work experience and personal growth from adapting to life in a new country.

Nankai University now occupies an area of 4,489,700 m² with a floor space up to 1,368,000 m². The total collection of the University library reaches 3,581,000 volumes and 30TB e-books. Besides its main campus located in Balitai, Nankai University also has campuses inJinnan District, Yingshui Road, Zijinshan Road, TEDA College in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. Supported by the state Ministry of Education, the campus in Jinnan has come into service. On the principle of independent school-running and close cooperation, Nankai University does not hesitate to seek after cooperation with Tianjin University.

Nankai University is considered to be one of comprehensive universities with the widest scan of disciplines. It features a balance between the Humanities and the Sciences, a solid foundation and a combination of application and creativity. The University has 22 academic colleges, together with Graduate School, School for Continuing Education, Advanced Vocational School, Modern Distance Education School, all 12 categories of covering literature, history, philosophy, classics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, teaching and art Nankai University offers 80 undergraduate specialties (including 18 national characteristic specialties), 231 Master's programs, 172 Doctoral programs, 28 Post-Doctoral research stations and 29 authorized primary Doctoral specialties. There are 6 first degree national key disciplines( covering 35 second degree disciplines), 9 second degree national key disciplines, 2 national key cultivating disciplines, 27 first degree Tianjin municipal key disciplines Besides, there are 18 national key specialties, 48 provincial and municipal key specialties, 2 national key lab, 8 key laboratories of Ministry of Education, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Science, 1 key laboratory of State Environmental Protection Bureau, 13 key laboratories of Tianjin, 3 engineering centers of Ministry of Education ,1 national engineering center, 9 national bases for basic science research and talents cultivation, 1 base for cultural quality education and7 key research bases for humanities and social sciences, together with 7 innovation bases in philosophy and social sciences and 4 science and technology innovation platforms included in 985 Project. 


Colleges and Schools:

  • Business School

  • College of Chinese Language and Culture

  • College of Chemistry

  • College of Computer and Control Engineering

  • School of Economics

  • Institute of Economic and Social Development

  • College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering

  • College of Environmental Science and Engineering

  • School of Finance

  • Institute of Finance and Development

  • College of Foreign Languages

  • College of History

  • College of Ideological and Cultural Education

  • Institute of Japan Studies

  • Law School

  • School of Literature

  • College of Life Sciences

  • School of Materials Science and Engineering

  • School of Mathematical Sciences

  • School of Medicine

  • College of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Philosophy

  • School of Physics

  • College of Software

  • Institute of State Economy

  • TEDA Applied Physics Institute

  • TEDA College

  • TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

  • College of Tourism and Service Management

  • Zhou Enlai School of Government