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Sprachcaffe: A Worldwide Organization of Language Schools!

For more than 30 years, people with a passion for languages from all over the world have been travelling with Sprachcaffe, experiencing exotic new countries, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and learning one of seven exciting languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese or Arabic. With our wide range of 30 language schools in fantastic, carefully selected destinations around the world - from cosmopolitan cities brimming with life to scenic seaside resorts - you are sure to find the right one for you.


Young People

  • English - Malta, England, USA, Canada or Germany

  • Spanish - Spain or Mexico

  • French - France or Canada

  • Italian - Italy

  • German - Germany

  • Chinese - China

Adults & Young Professionals

  • English - Malta, England, USA, Canada

  • Spanish - Spain, Cuba, Mexico

  • French - France, Canada, Morocco

  • Italian - Italy

  • German - Germany

  • Chinese - China

  • Arabic - Morocco

St. Julian's

Escape the unpleasant weather at home and enjoy an English course in sunny Malta - the number one location for English courses on the Mediterranean. A magnificent climate, relaxed mentality and English as an official language – what more could you want?

The picturesque coastal town of St. Julian’s, where our language school is located, lies on the east coast of the island. Once a fishing village, it is now a lively town and a great place for young people to learn English. Our trained teamers are there to support students at all times and accompany them during all their specially organized excursions and activities. Individual supervision is guaranteed - each teamer works with 15 students.

English Courses in St. Julian's

  • Supervised program for 14-17 year olds

  • Flexible program for 18-21 year olds

  • Perfect location on the east coast of Malta

  • Great shopping and outdoor activities


St. Paul's Bay 

Let your language adventure begin in Malta with Sprachcaffe. Imagine learning English on aglorious island with swaying palm trees, rugged beaches and the tantalising waters of the Mediterranean providing all contributing to an unforgettable summer vacation. Forget about dull classrooms and boring lessons - fun, adventure and thrilling activities await you in St. Paul’s Bay.

English Courses in St. Paul's Bay

  • For 13-17 year olds

  • In Buggiba, in the north of the island

  • Beautiful rocky plateaus and picturesque sandy beaches

  • Lively holiday resort for young people 



With a fascinating blend of historic districts and modern areas scattered with imposing skyscrapers, the city of Frankfurt can hardly fail to impress its visitors. The city on the River Main is an important economic center in Europe and is consequently a thoroughly international city, with relatively easy access to many other European cities thanks to its large airport. However, as well as being a business hub the city has retained many of its old buildings which have been restored totheir original grandeur.

The city also boasts a “Museum Mile” – a stretch along the south bank of the Main which, in addition to containing many museums, is home to several charming garden restaurants. The Old Sachsenhausen area, just a stone's throw away from the school, is also a must in the evening. Known as the 'apple wine district', there are over 20 bars and restaurants clustered together in a small area made up of beautiful, quaint old German houses.

About German Courses in Frankfurt

  • Supervised program for 13-17

  • Flexible program for 18-21

  • Multicultural financial center by the River Main

  • Many shopping and cultural opportunities



The Bavarian metropolis inspires visitors with its modern museums, sunny beer gardens, cinemas, its association with BMW and cool music clubs. And with sport: surfing the “Eisbach” river in the English Garden, ice skating nights with 20,000 participants or mountain biking in the alps- you can do just about anything here! How would you like to see the world class FC Bayern Munich in the incredible Allianz Arena? Or take part in the Oktoberfest, the biggest public festival on earth? Beer, Lederhosen and Dirndls are a cult in Munich! And our language courses are the most effective way to improve your knowledge of German as quickly as possible, whilst getting involved in the German culture.

About German Courses in Munich

  • Stunning old town with parks and beer gardens

  • Perfect location in the nightlife district of Schwabing

  • Large selection of German courses

  • Live with a local family