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Kings Education is a specialist, high quality international education group with teaching locations across the USA and UK. We deliver University pathways and English language courses. At Kings, our mission is to provide a general and linguistic education for young people from all over the world intent on studying in an Anglophone environment — developing and nurturing every student to help them achieve personal growth, personal achievement and the best learning outcome for their individual circumstances, ability and needs.

We strive to create life-changing and long-lasting memories, and to help our students make ambitious, well-informed and broad-minded choices about the way they lead their future lives.

Kings Summer is a sister organisation of Kings Education, a leading group of international colleges in the UK and USA. We have been running successful summer vacation courses for younger students for decades. At Kings, our summer programmes are designed to be both structured and fun. This way, our students are happy, enthusiastic, and motivated to learn. We offer only the highest standards of teaching and supervision, and make sure that your child’s safety and well-being are always our top priorities.

We offer a range of summer courses at Kings, ensuring you can choose a programme that is well-suited to your child’s age, abilities and interests. Our courses take place in a variety of sought-after locations across the UK and US, all of which have been carefully selected for their safety, comfort and surroundings.


Kings Education Courses:

  • Intensive Course - This course is designed to increase your fluency in as short a time as possible, and to introduce a range of specialist subjects taught in Special Interest Groups.
  • Intensive 25+ - This course is designed for the working professional and enthusiastic traveler, aged 25 years and older seeking high-quality English language training that will enrich their social and professional lives.
  • Vacation 25+ - Compact version of the course for students aged 25 and older. High-quality English lessons to enrich your professional and social life, combined with free time to explore Los Angeles.
  • Diploma of English - With this course you can achieve real fluency, gain specialist subject knowledge and enjoy a memorable college year or semester abroad.
  • Compact Course - This course is for you if you want to increase your fluency while having plenty of time to explore your location outside the classroom.
  • English Plus Art and Design - This course is ideal if you are accomplished at art, and need to improve your English while preparing a portfolio of artwork.
  • English Plus British Culture and History - This course is combines language development with an immersive experience of British culture.
  • English Plus Business and Digital Media - A course for students who work in the digital media or creative industries, or who or plan to in the future, focussing on the language of new media, digital communication and creative technologies.
  • English Plus Business and Finance - This course is for students who would like to improve their English skills for use in a wide range of business and financial contexts.
  • English Plus Film - This course combines English with the study of film history, script writing, acting and production from Kings' central Hollywood location!
  • English Plus Entrepreneurship - This course is perfect if you want to combine English with information on US entrepreneurial culture.
  • English Plus Law - This course is ideal for students who would like to improve their English skills for use in a variety of legal contexts.
  • Exam Preparation Courses - TOEFL and IELTS


Kings Summer Courses:

  • Summer Course - Our Summer Course is a fully-inclusive programme designed specifically for children aged 8-17. It will improve your child's English, whilst offering a wide range of sports, activities and excursions for them to enjoy. They will also have the chance to make friends from all over the world and experience new cultures, and do all of this in a safe, secure campus environment.
  • Summer Plus Course - We offer a range of specialist activities at selected UK residential centres, in conjunction with the main Summer Course. Supplement applies. Please note, these programmes require a minimum number of students in order to run.
  • Vacation Extra - The Vacation Extra course is designed for older teenagers and allows for more individual freedom, yet still within a safe and secure environment. Lessons are taught on-site while activities take place both on- and off-site. Accommodation is off-site, either in homestay accommodation or a student residence.
  • Intensive Academic - A taster of life as a student in the UK, this course is for students who want a more intensive academic option.
  • Intensive English - Exclusive to our Cheltenham Summer Centre, the Intensive English programme is especially designed to help younger learners make maximum progress in English. Students still participate in a programme of activities and sports but have additional English lessons that include project and activity-based learning, with a focus on group work.
  • American University Taster Program - This exciting program is designed to give students a taste of life as a university student in the USA. The course includes lectures, discussions and tutorial sessions delivered by university lecturers.
  • Parent and Child - This specially developed programme allows both you and your child to enjoy an active and fun vacation, whilst also improving your English skills. Held at prestigious Moreton Hall school in the attractive county of Shropshire, you will benefit from modern en-suite accommodation, a range of great facilities and a secure campus location. The programme features separate components for parents and children, but includes plenty of activities to enjoy together too.


In the UK we operate in Bournemouth, London and Oxford.

In the USA we operate in Boston, New York City, New York State, New Jersey and Los Angeles.