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Summer Camps at American College Of Thessaloniki - Register Now

Summer Camps at American College Of Thessaloniki - Register Now

American College of Thessaloniki offers summer camps for students in the following areas:


Academic Writing

Young Business Creators

Web Development

Girl Empowerment


ACT Summer camp in Biotechnology

June 18-29, 2019

Cost: 800 euros

(includes room & board, evening & weekend activities, city tours)

Course Description

The course is designed to familiarize students (interested in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, food science and immunology) with the nature of work and activities conducted in a real biology/bio chemistry research laboratory setting. The course will offer two weeks of hands-on training on essential and current laboratory techniques used in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The microbiology part of the course will cover basic microbiology concepts and practices such as the isolation, cultivation, identification and classification of microorganisms. In the biochemistry/molecular biology part of the course, students will receive hands-on experience in DNA isolation and electrophoresis, protein isolation and enzyme assays. Throughout the two-week training camp, students will use equipment found in state of the art research laboratories and gain hands-on experience in laboratory techniques and practices such as micropipetting, centrifuging, spectroscopy and the basic recombinant DNA technology techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to visit biotechnology research laboratories and talk to scientists in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology and be inspired to pursue their interest in science. By the end of the program, participants will have gained a real-life experience (including rewards and challenges) working in a research laboratory in the field of biology/biochemistry. Finally, the course concludes with a consideration of bioethical issues related to biotechnology.

Course Objectives

1. Provide the theoretical background on the structure and function of DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes and proteins.

2. Learn and apply laboratory techniques used in biotechnology research.

3. Obtain a real-life experience (pros and cons) in working in a research biotechnology setting.

4. Discuss and debate selected bioethical issues.

Course Outline

1. The genetic code: replication, transcription, translation

2. Laboratory skills, use of standard laboratory equipment, solution preparation

3. Microbiology and bacterial cell culture

4. DNA structure and analysis

5. Bacterial transformation and plasmid isolation and purification

6. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

7. Protein structure and analysis

8. Enzyme kinetics

Laboratory Activities

Students will explore topics in three scientific areas: microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Tentative list of experiments


Academic Writing 091

(for students planning to attend an English-speaking university)

June 19-July 10, 2019

Cost: 1380 € (including room, board)*

Does it take you forever to begin your writing assignment? Are you unsure about how to proceed and whether what you write is “academic” enough? Academic Writing 091 is a course that will help you improve your writing skills while reading enjoyable, contemporary pieces. You will learn basic writing techniques so as to organize your essay and you will also learn how to incorporate outside sources to further advance your writing. By the end of the course you will have a small portfolio to display your advanced writing skills and you will be a more confident writer.

The class is suitable for students who have completed 11th or 12th grade.

(Pass/Fail-Non Credit)

*Evening/weekend activities are available only for the period June 19-July 4 at an extra cost. Please inquire if interested.


Young Business Creators

ACT Summer Camp

June 24 – July 5, 2019

Cost: 730 euros

(includes room & board, evening & weekend activities, city tours)

Instructor: Mr. Anestis Anastasiou, assistant professor

Purpose: The innovative short educational program aims to cultivate entrepreneurial culture through the development of students' creativity, innovation, imagination and business skills so that they will be in position to approach challenges in many different ways.

Eligibility: The students that have graduated the 3rd year of secondary school to 2nd year of high school.

Content: The students will learn how to develop innovative ideas with the support of the ACT’s tutors and through a guided process based on Iowa University's Jacobson Youth Entrepreneurship Camp. Moreover, the school intends to familiarize them with the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and business thinking in order to design their own business plan.

Agenda of Main Issues:

1. Introduction to the program - Getting to know each other – Ice breaking activities

2. Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Content, definitions, theoretical approach

3. Characteristics of entrepreneur’s personality

4. Manager vs Leader Game

5. Innovation & Creativity. Creative thinking process

6. Find the Entrepreneur inside you. Self-assessment

7. Design Thinking (Theory & Workshop)

8. Entrepreneurs Vs Managers. Personality traits & motivation of the entrepreneurs

9. Introduction to “Business Canvas Model”

10. Marketing Mix game – Poster activity

11. Idea development

12. Elevator Pitch workshop

13. Implementation of the Business Idea - Feasibility analysis

14. Intoduction to "Business Plan"

15. Startup strategy

16. Production phase (product or service)

17. Customer Identification

18. Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty

19. Business Plan Preparation in Teams

20. Mentoring and Coaching phase

21. Final touches of business plans

2 days of Business Tours (visits to local companies) - Shadowing an entrepreneur for a day

Final day of business plans elaboration and presentation within groups


Web Development

ACT Summer Camp

June 24 – July 5, 2019

Cost: 730 euros

(includes room & board, evening & weekend activities, city tours)

Instructor: Georgia Tsiamanta, Instructor, American College of Thessaloniki

Do you want to know more about Web Development or start a career in this field?

This seminar is open to anyone who wants to set up their online presence. Students will work with HTML, CSS, Javascript technologies. It is suitable for those who want to learn to build websites and have control of their content. The lessons consist of a very practical part, with hands-on examples and exercises to better understand new items. You will need to bring your own laptop with you so that you can better practice all the new concepts you will be trained, in class and at home. Upon completion of your training you will be given a certificate of attendance to add it to your CV and your LinkedIn profile.

Eligibility: suitable for rising11th and 12th graders; students who have completed 9th grade are eligible to attend provided they have earned a minimum grade of 16 in Math.


Girl Empowerment

ACT Summer Camp

June 24 – July 5, 2019

Cost: 730 euros

(includes room & board, evening & weekend activities, city tours)

Instructors: Dr. Maria Kyriakiadou, Professor; Dr. Maria Patsarika, Adjunct Professor, Kristie Popi

This is a two-week program in the Social Sciences with a focus on the empowerment of young adolescent girls. What are the challenges and opportunities for young girls today? What are their main concerns? The focus will be on topics such as health and body image, active life, personal safety, choice of profession, community engagement. The camp is a practical setting that fosters empowerment, identity development and understanding. A number of daily workshops aim to provide girls with resources, skills and competencies that will help them build self-respect, positive mindset and confidence and fulfill educational and personal aspirations.

Format: Seminars/lectures, workshops and activities

✓ Seminars/lectures with faculty members from ACT

✓ Workshops with experts on specific issues

✓ Small-group activities

✓ Formation of teams and role play

✓ Discovery of the links between young women and friendly connections among participants

✓ An exceptional chance to network and create sustainable bonds!

Summer camp intended for: Ages 13 – 16 (8th, 9th and 10thgrade)

Camp aims

Throughout the camp, the participants will engage in the process of developing self-awareness through reflective activities.

Specific goals:

✓ The participants will work on themes related to awareness about young women’s concerns such as unrealistic beauty standards, peer pressure, online bullying, and gender inequality.

✓ The camp shall enhance their critical thinking skills and allow them to make informed decisions.

✓ The ultimate objective is to help the participants build self-esteem and confidence, as well as develop their potential and a positive attitude.

Camp outcomes: The participants will learn to identify their own potential in making healthy life choices.

Day one

• Campus tour/orientation - Introduction to the program: goals, activities, instructors (1h)

• Campus lecture: gender stereotypes, identities and socialization (2h)

• Group work: students to think about issues of concern / socialization activities– classroom discussion (1h)

Day two

• Campus workshop: Self-awareness - From childhood to adulthood and the associated changes (3 h)

Day three

• Campus lecture: Building healthy relationships (2h)

• Group activity: Peer pressure/Online bulling – Role play (2h)

Day four

• Campus lecture: media and body image – Participants to define/refine their questions and concerns (2h)

• Group activity: Healthy choices and nutrition (2h)

Day five

• Campus workshop: self-knowledge and the road to happiness (3 h)

Day six

• Campus lecture: role models and inspirations (2 h)

• Group activity: The role model effect and educational choices (2h)

Day seven

• Campus lecture: gender diversity Parental role, and choice of profession (2h)

• Group activity: Career decisions and gender impact (2h)

Day eight

• Campus workshop: positive mindset – how to build inner strength and self-confidence (3h)

Day nine

• Campus workshop: community engagement - make a change and foster leadership (3h)

Day ten

• Group mind mapping workshop: participants to link personal reflections with concepts and findings discussed during workshops (3h)

• Afternoon: Conclusion of the program with social event/pizza evening

For more information: Roula Lebetli, tel. 2310 398 239, admissions@act.edu or contact our local representative EAC Skopje.


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