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Presentation: Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences - Study in Vienna, Amsterdam and Apeldorn

Event date: 12/03/2018
Event venue: Hotel City Park, Skopje, 19:00 PM
Presentation: Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences - Study in Vienna, Amsterdam and Apeldorn

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was established in 1987 and is situated in Apeldoorn. With a focus on 5 key themes, “Management, Internationalisation, Diversity, Sustainability, & Innovation”, Wittenborg is one of the fastest growing independent international University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. With around 600 students from more than 80 different countries studying on its Bachelor and Master programmes in two schools, the School of Business and the School of Hospitality & Tourism. In its 10-year plan, presented in 2013, Wittenborg is aiming at growing to a broad university with totally 5 schools. The new schools that are under the development are School of Art & Technology, School of Health & Social Care, and School of Education. Wittenborg is determined to provide cross-discipline & applied-science education to assure its graduates are more suited for the future job market, within an international context.

With a clearly defined mission and philosophy, Wittenborg University offers excellent education in business studies to students from the Netherlands, Europe, and around the world, ranging from school leavers to people with professional experience and previous study qualifications. Its developing research centre, focusing on the 5 key themes Wittenborg University enables applied research to be embedded throughout its programmes.

Bachelor Degrees - International Business Administration

  • Economics & Management
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Event / Tourism / Hospitality Management
  • Logistics & International Trade
  • Financial Service Management
  • Information Management
  • Sport Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business (Amsterdam)
  • Bachelor of Arts / Double Degree IBA
  • EuroBA - International Hospitality Management

Master of Science - with Univerisity of Brighton

  • MSc in International Hospitality Management
  • MSc in International Event Management
  • MSc in International Tourism Management
  • MSc in Sport Business Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • MBA in Clean Technology Management
  • MBA in Sport Business Management
  • MBA in Health & Social Care
  • MBA in Education
  • MBA in Finance

The presentation will be held by:

Timothy Birdsall


March 12, Monday, 2018
STARTING AT 19:00 pm

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